Payment & Deposit Policy
All balances are due in full by the events date.  Culinary Productions does not offer terms to clients.  We accept  Credit Cards, Checks and Cash

Culinary Productions does not allow 3rd parties to be responsible for any portion of an invoice
The contact person/company who places an order is responsible for payment in full.  It is the client who secures reimbursement from 3rd parties, at their convenience.  You may be asked to provide a valid Credit Card to secure Catering, if a check will be presented the day of an event.

Though payment schedules may differ slightly from event to event, company policy is as follows:
$250 Non- refundable deposit to secure date
*Wedding Receptions require 10% of Balance as Deposit,  $250 of which is Non-refundable, with the remaining  deposit balance refundable up to 30days prior to event
50% of remaining balance due 2 full weeks prior to event
All balances must be paid in full the day of the event

Guest Guarantee
Culinary Productions will work with Clients on an individual event basis for final guest guarantee.  We want our clients to have an accurate as possible guest count. We understand this directly effects the final invoice.  The Director will set up a calendar date and time to provide the information. This is a courtesy provided by Culinary Productions and must be strictly adhered to.

Business lunches, box orders & Buffets require no less than24hrs notice for cancellation, once an order has been confirmed. At that time, the product is in house and will require payment in full.  Deposits on large functions will not be refunded if event is cancelled 30 days or less prior to event, under any circumstances.

Alcohol Liability
Culinary Productions has full legal right under Federal & State Laws to refuse alcoholic beverages to any guest at our disgression.  We have an ethical responsibility, as well as legal liability to refuse service to a guest who is severely inebriated , abusive to our staff or underage. If a situation becomes disruptive, the guest will be asked to leave the premise, and may be removed by authorities.  Culinary Production’s management decision is final.

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